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Tiwa Savage Says She Will ‘Never Address Anything to Do With My Private Life Again’

by Sonia Amoako Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage was recently interviewd by Fashion Bomb TV, where she spoke about her music, style, her legacy and loads more.

Tiwa Savage 7

News of marriage problems between Tiwa and her estranged husband Tee Billz made headlines a while back.

During the interview, a question from an Instagram follower asked Tiwa, ‘how are you coping after your marriage crisis?

The mother of one year old Jamil responded, ‘I don’t know if I am allowed to answer that questions. I did speak on Elle magazine recently in South Africa and I said I would never address anything to do with my private life again. Because I just think that its something sacred and that’s one lesson I learned.’

Tiwa and her husband Tee Billz

Tiwa and her husband Tee Billz

She gave a full length interview to Pulse TV back in April regarding her marriage. Some criticising her for giving so much detail and some showing sympathy for her situation.

The beauty also stated she wants to be remembered as a global artist.

‘I don’t want to be remembered as one of the biggest female artists out of Africa, I just want to be remembered as one of the biggest artists period. [I want to be known as] one of the people that was part of the revolution that happened with Afro music to the world. I also want to be remembered as a very strong woman and someone who inspired a lot of people that regardless of the challenges we go through as women, you can still achieve a lot. It’s a long road and it’s a slow race. It definitely is about pacing yourself and never ever giving up.’



Watch full interview below:

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