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Serena Williams fans blast People Magazine for photoshopping her body

by Tasharna Brown-Taylor Friday, April 29th, 2016

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Jennifer Aniston may have landed the number one spot on People magazine 2016 “Most Beautiful” list but there were many other celebs who made the list including tennis player Serena Williams.

The 34-year-old beauty shared a photo from the May issue with her fans on Instagram yesterday with the caption, ‘@people mag most beautiful 2016′. But the moment it went up many of her fans began to suggest that the image had been photoshopped.

Some of her fans responded badly saying:

Miss Molteni- ‘I love her but the bar behind her waist is so warped. Disappointing.’ Eabha Neachtain said: ‘Is this photoshopped???’ while Diego Venancio wrote: ‘Photoshop wins… rs’ (real s***).

Mallory Mazurek-  ‘You look beautiful the way you. yes this is a great picture but I don’t feel this is the best representation of your actually body type. and trust I love your body the way God intended for it to (sic.)’

Tylane Tennis – ‘It’s a joke ?? The photoshop is,’ with another of her followers adding: ‘Slayyy but horrible photoshop.’

Oblambo- ‘The one natural beauty who doesn’t need photoshop is the one they give it too smh [shaking my head],’ while one fan blasted: ‘Bad bad photoshop work… I could do better.’

Jewleeb- ‘You could see the pole behind her is distorted… I have seen her in person MANY times! Shes too gorgeous for them to be distorting her like this.’

Mjaz23- ‘Whomever is responsible for that photoshop needs to be fired. You are gorgeous, healthy and perfect with out it!’




While her other fans who didn’t see any problems with the image said:

Amaclassylady- Finally someone I can relate to and actually agree with the title. Gorgeooooous darling,’

Doby Max – ‘beautiful, gorgeous, sexy,’

C. Jordan- ‘No Photoshop absolutely beautiful,’

Junita Fredo – ‘breathtaking”

Urfavindian2.0- ‘It might not be photoshop you guys :) some people’s bodies are naturally that curvy!’

What do you think?


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