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Serayah talks about being part of Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ crew with Esquire

by Tasharna Brown-Taylor Friday, April 15th, 2016

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Serayah has been making moves over the last few years. She currently stars as one of the leading ladies on the hit TV show Empire, she was apart of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood crew, she’s been signed to Sony Music and the list goes on.

Serayah sits down with Esquire for a quick chat as she talks about her future, her music, how she became apart of the ‘Bad Blood’ crew,  what it’s like to play Tiana on Empire and many more.

Read the highlights from the interview below:

On how women treat each other within the industry:

“It’s such an important, positive time in the industry. With Beyoncé and ‘Formation’ and Taylor [Swift] with ‘Bad Blood’…there’s more attention to the experiences of women, and there are more and more women showing how strong and powerful we all are. Women are empowering each other and pushing each other in the right ways more than ever, publicly. “

On what playing a diva (on Empire) has taught her:

“Tiana is an extremely confident woman. Whether it’s in what she wears or how she carries herself, she always owns the space she’s in. I’ve tended to be a more quiet in my own life, and it took a bit to adopt those qualities. But it’s been hugely important to become comfortable with them and to learn how to stop apologizing for myself, which women (myself included) seem to have been conditioned to do.”

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On being invited to join the “Bad Blood” crew (as ‘Dilemma’):

“It was a bit surreal at first, getting a call saying Taylor wanted me to be in her video and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I walked into a room full of big-time celebrities [Cindy Crawford, Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, to name a few] and I was nervous at first. But…they were incredible. They were kind and supportive, and we instantly got along and talked about everything under the sun. It was (and has continued to be) a very encouraging experience.

On her girl-crush:

“I’ve always had a girl crush on Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candace Swanepoel. You stand in a room with her and you’re like, Wait… What… Really?”

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On the Beyonce backlash:

“‘Formation,’ [both] the song and the video, was an artist’s artistic expression. I don’t think she had any negative intentions with it and, looking at it, the video carried a great message. All art, however it is expressed, is acceptable…because it’s how someone feels. It’s no different than having a conversation with someone and hearing what they have to say. They have the right to say it. Some people might disagree with what is being said, but that doesn’t take away from a person’s right to say it.”

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On her music:

“I’m in the studio recording every day and looking to release a single early this summer. It’s a combination of sounds and I’m still refining it, but I’d call it: rhythmic pop.”

serayah esquire 2

On whether she will record with Taylor:

“We haven’t made concrete plans to record yet, but Taylor’s given me a lot of important advice since I’ve gone into the studio—which is all I’ve been doing since we wrapped this season of Empire. She’s such a talented artist and has reminded and encouraged me to stay true to how I see myself and how I want to convey myself in my music career, and to stick to that as I move forward with recording.”

Read the rest of the interview here

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