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Michael B Jordan reveals he is single because all his time is dedicated to his career as he covers GQ Magazine

by Tasharna Brown-Taylor Thursday, September 24th, 2015

michael b jordan gq

Michael B Jordan covers GQ October Issue and he does it it style. In the latest issue Michael sexes up one of the three covers which also features Ryan Reynolds and Rob Lowe.

Born in California but still repping Jersey Michael thanks his strict father and hustler mentality which made him survive the ‘gritty’ hood.  Now he’s been in films and tv shows  like Fruitvale Station, Fantastic Four, Friday Night Lights and his newest film Creed.

In the interview he talks about the Kendall Jenner relationship rumours, drama with woman, why he’s single, playing different characters and much more.

On the incident where he stuck his gum underneath a table at a restaurant where they made him wait outside even though he had a reservation:

“Fuck, yeah, goddamn right I did,” he says. “They made me wait outside for no reason. I’m from north New Jersey, bro. I love real people, bro. I come from nothing. I come from sleeping in the kitchen with my family with the oven open to keep us warm during winter, you know? When you come from that background, all this extra stuff is just…extra stuff, you know? If somebody’s not real with you, you can tell.”

On portraying black men in America:

“I love telling the experience of a black male in America, but modern, not always having to go back to a period piece to remind people where we come from. It’s more a modern sense of where we are today, and where we want to go in the future. So I try to choose projects somewhere around that space.”

On wanting to play characters that are written for white men:

“I want to be part of that movement that blurs the line between white and black,” and tells me this: “I told my team after I finished Chronicle [the successful low-budget sci-fi movie that first partnered him with Fantastic Four director Josh Trank] that I only want to go out for roles that were written for white characters. Me playing the role will make it what it is.”

michael b jordan gq 2

On his career:

“Looking back at it,” he says, “I’ve been doing it for so long—like, sixteen years—and it wasn’t like I got too much too fast. It wasn’t like I blew up overnight. I wasn’t a child star. That wasn’t what it was. It was just something that, you know, I grew into it, and I fell in love with it as it came along. And I kind of saw it for what it was. I’m always good at seeing five, ten steps ahead. Like, really thinking ahead, you know? Reverse engineering whatever it is, you know.”

On the extra attention he gets about his private life:

“I hate it,” he says. “I’m a quiet guy. I’m very to myself. Don’t like attention. I’m getting a lot more now. I’m extremely quiet, bro.” He echoes what he said earlier. “All the extra shit is extra shit, you know.” And then, unbidden, he clarifies what he considers part of the extra shit. “The females,” he says, “they’ll always be there. Like, honestly, bro. Oh, my God. Female-wise from now? I ain’t got to do too much work. And it’s weird, because I’m the same guy. I haven’t fucking changed, right? I don’t look any different. I haven’t done anything different.” He pauses, reconsiders this. “Okay, maybe a blockbuster film.”

On being single and dedicating his time to his career:

“I’m pretty sure the women won’t say that’s good, but for me it’s like I can’t have any regrets and I have to know that I gave everything I had to making my family okay. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me is my family, bro. I come from nothing, so it’s like my family, they came with me. That’s all I care about. Couldn’t give a fuck less about anything else. My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother—they’re good, I’m good. They’re not good, I’m not good. I put everything I had into everything, so once they’re good I can start living a little. My mid-thirties I can live a little. And I’m so okay with that. I’m cool with that….They want what they want, I tell them what I want. It doesn’t quite work out that well. That’s why I’m by myself.”

“I understand what females want and need, you know. I’m good at that. I don’t know if I’m the guy to give it to them right now. I’m emotionally unavailable. Until I find something that’s so undeniable that I can’t help myself. Other than that, I need to work on making sure my mom is okay. That’s all I care about, honestly. Females, they come and go.”

michael and kendall

On the Kendall Jenner relationship rumours and the backlash he got:

“It’s the world we live in,” says Jordan. “They see white and black. I don’t. Kendall’s a friend of mine, you know. I don’t know her, like, that well, but I know her enough. People’s perspective on that is what it is. I don’t fucking know. I don’t live my life to make other people happy. It’s so weird, though, right? A lot of black fans were feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, he should have been with a black woman’ and that whole thing. I get it, but on the other hand it’s, like, relax. You know—it’s 2015. It’s okay! People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the fuck it is. It’s just the new world, you know what I mean?”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Photo credit- Peggy Sirota for GQ

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