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Draya Michelle Features in Ferrvor Magazine

by Sonia Amoako Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Draya looks hot in new photos for a feature in Ferrvor Magazine.



Since her baby bump isn’t visible, we’re guessing she did the shoot in the early stages of pregnancy. In an interview along the shoot, the reality star talks about her engagement to on off fiance Orlando Sacndrick of the Dallas Cowboys, fashion, motherhood plus loads more.

Check out some of the interview below:

You’re also quite a fashionista and dating Orlando Scandrick from the Dallas Cowboys  – how’s that relationship going? Are you guys going to get married?

DM: We just haven’t set a date, but marriage is definitely in our future. 

CK: Sounds like a Pretty awesome guy.

DM: He’s more than awesome. He’s my best friend.

CK: Mint Swim is a great swimwear line. Very sexy and designed for women of different body types. What do you think is the key to feeling confident in your own skin?

DM: Self-acceptance is the first problem people have. So first, is accepting the way you look. That is your unique design. I believe in finding the right fit for you. Once you accept that and stop focusing on what everyone else thinks and have, you’ll be on the right track. 

CK: You also have another clothing line Fine Ass Girls Clothing. What inspired you to start that?

DM: I was inspired by social media and youth, and all the people that follow me, that comment and watch the show. I wanted to make something exclusive to them and make something amazing for them.

CK: Do you plan to branch out to do guys clothes?

DM: I am considering a mens line for Mint Swim

CK: Do you manage your social media yourself, or have someone else handle it?

DM: Oh no, I do all my social media myself. It’s very important to keep it as authentic to me as possible. I would never let anyone take over my social media. 

CK: What gentleman quality do you think a man should have?

DM: I think it’s important see what kind of relationship a man has with his mother, and I think it’s good for someone to have good work ethic. That way if I start slacking, I would need them to get me back on track.

CK: We notice that you like to cook. What would be your favorite dish to make?

DM: I love to cook and I like to make all things! I think one of my favorite things to make is Lasagna. It’s kind of difficult, but the end result is amazing. You def have to go to the grocery store that day and actually have to go shopping. I make all sorts of things.

CK: How long have you lived in Los Angeles?

DM: I’ve lived in LA for 5 years.

CK: What do you like about living in Los Angeles?

DM: The weather and the beaches.


CK: You have almost 5 million followers on social media outlets, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Are there any pressures of being a social media “celebrity?”

DM: Yeah absolutely! I never thought I was going to have people inspired by me, and what I say and do, so I need to make sure I’m putting out the right image, because there are a lot of girls that are inspired and so you have to monitor what you put on social media.

CK: As a public figure, you are constantly in the spotlight. What are some words of advice that you can give to those who look up to you. Is there a positive motto or words of wisdom that you live by to guide you on the tough days?

DM: I like saying, “With new levels comes new devils.” That’s a quote to let people know to get up, grow and there’s going to be obstacles out there, and it’s not going to always be easy. Just know you can’t get up without some sort of struggle.

CK: What is up next for Draya this year?

DM: I recently tried acting and loved it a lot. So far I’ve completed 5 movies. I’m really excited about 2016, I think this is the year people will see my hard work behind the scenes.

CK: Do you have an acting coach?

DM: I do have an acting coach. I think they’re important and so depending on the role, I go train.

CK: How do you stay motivated?

DM: Bills to pay and kids to feed.


Check out a behind the scenes video with Draya:

Interview Credit: Chris Keith, Jasmine Sabagquit

Video Credit: Ferrvor Network (YouTube)

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