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by Team FK

Sunday, July 21st, 2013


Fashion Kulture is a multi-faceted organisation that aims to redefine and transform the fashion industry. We strive to promote diversity in the fashion industry and inspire and encourage growth and opportunities for minority groups. Fashion Kulture is an online creative platform, a cross between an online magazine, blog and information hub.

We showcase both emerging and established creatives within Fashion and Lifestyle, as well as, working closely with a number of creative platforms and individuals to provide our viewers with amazing content.

What is Fashion Kulture?

The Fun Part

  • In a nutshell we are an online magazine, business hub, gossip fest, fashion addiction, informative yet entertaining and captivating agency that promotes equality in the fashion, beauty and textiles industry.

The Serious Part

  • We help improve  access into the fashion, beauty and textiles  industry for minority groups.
  • We  promote equal opportunities and diversity in the fashion, beauty and textiles sector.
  • We build partnerships with key organisations to create employment opportunities for minority groups.
  • We aid ethical companies and support international and overseas development particularly in Africa thus improving trade relations, production,  manufacturing  and retail in the diaspora.
  • We will provide global, regional and local opportunities and create better exposure for minority businesses and individuals in fashion and lifestyle.
  • We believe in the advancement and promotion of minority businesses and individuals in the fashion, beauty and textiles industry.
  • We work with ethnic minority young adults to provide the skills and training to succeed effectively within fashion, beauty and textiles .

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