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Balmain x H&M Collaboration Womenswear Collection

by Sonia Amoako Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Want to be part of the #BalmainArmy ?

The wait for the upcoming H&M collaboration with Balmain is nearly over. Creative director of the brand, Oliver Rousteing put his fine touch into the designs, the skin tight tailoring, embellishments and satin are some of the signatures he has included. Luckily for shoppers on a budget, you will be able to find affordable pieces in H&M.

Take a sneak peek at the line’s womenswear look book, which debuted exclusively on You will definitely get a vibe of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner with the Balmain classics of pearl embellished dresses, chic army style jackets and rope choker chains. The pieces are distinctive and glamorous.

Vogue asked Oliver why it was important to bring Balmains techniques into the H&M collaboration and he said, ‘ The craftsmanship was really important to me in the Balmain x H&M collection. If you collaborate with Balmain, you have to know that there can never be any compromise, and that’s something that H&M understood so well. They really pushed themselves to make it happen, to get that feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness. Embellishment has been part of my work at Balmain from the beginning. The allover beaded dress comes from my very first Balmain collection, so it’s like I’m literally giving to H&M the beginning of my story. There’s something emotional for me about how this dress was born, and now through H&M I’m giving it to the world.’

With his huge following on social media, especially Instagram they asked on his hopes of fan reaction, ‘H&M has really tried to understand everything about me and my world at Balmain. They know how digital and social media are important to me, so we created a hashtag that was based on the codes and rules that I want to express. We became the #HMBalmaination because I think it really sums up the key message of the collaboration. First, it shows the good vibe we have between Balmain and H&M, and then it stands for the new nation of warriors from the entire world, coming together for this collaboration. When you use the hashtag, you feel part of the nation. It shows the collaboration is not only about beautiful clothes, it’s also about creating a new fashion world of diversity and community, a positive message of tolerance, happiness, peace, and freedom. I check the hashtag every day. I can’t wait for the collection to hit the stores so I can watch everyone use it around the world, starting in Australia and ending on the West Coast [of America]—it’s going to be so much fun.’

Check out the rest of the interview here

And now finally, the look book for the new collection:










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