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Alicia Keys Goes Make Up Free for Fault Magazine

by Sonia Amoako Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Alicia Keys goes bare faced for a shoot with Fault Magazine.

Alicia Keys Fault Magazine 1

The singer shows off her natural glow as she appears on magazine’s latest issue. The wife of Swizz Beatz and mother of two stripped off, with her freckles on full display.

She looks gorgeous make up free!

In the interview she talks about her new album, feminism and the idea of perfection plus more.

See more pictures and excerpts from her interview below.

On the difference between the 2000 Alicia Keys and the 2016 one: One thing I appreciate hearing from people who have known me for years, is when they tell me “Alicia, you’re still the same.” Of course I’m not, I’m a woman now and much wiser and I have more understanding of my life, music and art but I am still the same spirit. Fearlessness and becoming more comfortable in my own skin and caring less about what I would I say or do, was always at the core of my original work, wow with all the life I’ve live and all the things I’ve learnt, I am still the very same.

Alicia Keys Fault Magazine 3

On the death of Prince: It was definitely a great shock and I am still taken aback. I feel like the whole world feels the same. He was definitely an enigma and will always remain that way. He was so fiercely dedicated to the greatness and expanded the level of excellence and that’s what should always be maintained. He pushed himself and I’ll never be as good as Prince but in a positive way. No one can be Prince, he’s the only one but that’s the beauty of him. He set the bar so high that we all have something to strive for.

Alicia Keys Fault Magazine 2

Asked what her FAULT is, the ‘Girl on Fire’ singer answered, “I’m learning to try and let go of the word “perfection”. It’s not real and it’s a word that tears us down. There is no way to be perfect and no fun in being perfect. You can’t be happy unless you let yourself be vulnerable and make mistakes because we’re always evolving. No one knows it all and I damn sure don’t know it all! I force myself to look in the mirror and own who I am and to own MY beautiful. So what that I have breakouts or so what that my knees are pudgy, there simply is no perfect. Once I can teach myself that there is no perfect and that I am meant to have my FAULTS, that is when I become beautiful.”


Photo Credit: Zoltan Tombor


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